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ATTN Members: ​Len Sustaita has retired from DOC and stepped down as the AZCPOA President.

The new AZCPOA Executive President will be Darren Sikes a 17 year 7 months DOC employee and an 11 year AZCPOA  Executive Officer. The plan remains the same, staying positive, recruitment, pay, challenging DOC on constant policy changes, and staff safety. How do we do this - Communication with each other about things we may already know, may not know, might have missed or just needing more information.

AZCPOA was formed in 1999 by Correctional Staff who believe all State employees deserve equal and fair representation. Unless you belong to an Association, DOC will always have the last word on what is best for you.  In 2011 ASEA joined our organization and we now proudly represent the State Hospital, DES, Health Services, School for the Deaf & Blind & Industrial Commission. We have grown to represent Thousands of State employees.

Our goal is to represent every State Employee and to represent them well. We've been protecting Employee Rights since 1999.

You have the legal right to join AZCPOA and are protected by both state and federal law. We know the ins and outs of Labor Relations.

Our philosophy is that the members are the organization and everything we do is for and about our members. Our members have come to know we are the authority in Arizona State Employee Workers Rights, and we strive to protect them. You have an absolute right to be represented when faced with disciplinary, performance of duty, civil proceedings, or any job related issues. AZCPOA will be there to protect your employee rights.

No matter which State of Arizona Agency you work for, we can represent you! We can only grow and gain a stronger voice with members contributing.

AZCPOA is a proud supporter of the Arizona Department of Corrections Fallen Employee Memorial. 

Help us support our own! Follow the links below to check out their website and benefit Poker Run

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