The Detailed EEOC Complaint process is one of several remedies available, and not a fast remedy, often taking months, or even years. It can be very effective, and with patience to see the process to the end, resolution can be found. The EEOC investigative process takes long time.  And remember the EEOC has thousands of open investigations. 

AZCPOA Representatives will often use these same resources and tools to guide you in your issue. Ultimately, we all know you have an issue, often our members may believe resolution is available from only one avenue, when it may not be, or resolution may be available in other avenues.We have found that the members who get the best results are the ones who assist the EEOC investigators by providing complete information such as names, addresses and telephone numbers of witnesses. Consider it the most complete and actively followed up on IR you've ever written. Don’t just file the charge and expect the EEOC to do all the work.  You have to be proactive, call the investigator and follow up with the information the investigator needs.

The types of discrimination EEOC covers have VERY Narrow definitions.

YOUR AZCPOA legal plan includes consultation with attorneys after the EEOC has made a final decision in your case.  After making its decision, the EEOC will either issue a “Cause Finding” or a “Right to Sue” letter.  You will be able to consult with attorneys to explain your rights and remedies after the EEOC decision.

Since the change in Personnel Rules, fewer avenues are available to resolve issues, and the best way to "Make them go away" and still give the impression your concern has been addressed is to direct them to the EEOC Liaison. It's still HR, but unless the Agency can see the potential liability when you present your issue, the old "however appears to be a management issue" won't usually mean much.

Often, AZCPOA Members contact their Representatives with questions about:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Complaints
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Questions
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Questions


Whatever your complaint may be, AZCPOA Reps can help you identify which area it's enforceable, and the means you available to you for resolution.

Your Volunteer AZCPOA Reps can help you decide if this is the best avenue to resolution for your issue, many times, however, the problem may be enforceable under another, yet equally effective mechanism. We can help.

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