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What we aspire to do for YOU!

Deduction Sheet

After opening click download Adobe PDF to access form. Please turn into our office or your rep. 

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We have Legal & Chapter Reps Statewide that are readily available to assist members.  
 Our reps can give you guidance and representation for:

  •  Work Related Issues 
  • Authorized Interview Observers, 
  • Trained in Protecting your interests 
  • Disciplinary or Criminal 
  • Questions on Administrative Policies, Grievances, etc. 
  • Your Feedback on Union Activity 
  • Any  Questions or Concerns


PAC Form

AZCPOA members are immediately protected by an outstanding legal plan by first-rate Attorneys. Our Legal Plan includes: 

  • Unlimited coverage for disciplinary hearings
  • Unlimited civil & criminal defense 
  • Worker's Comp case 
  • Professional Licensing Board Rep. 
  • Lawsuits against inmates for staff assaults 
  • Corp Retirement/ Disability & much  more



  We've been working for fairness for State Employees for over 15 years, and as Arizona's LARGEST INDEPENDENT LABOR ORGANIZATION, our experience time and time again has proven that, if we all UNITE, we'd be able to protect Safety and Health Issues in the workplace, make sure discipline, when appropriate is fair and not personal, ultimately protecting your job security as we have over and over. Being completely honest, we work right alongside of you, and protecting your workplace protects ours.

  We've also noticed that, as we Speak with Legislators as well as State Agency Administrators at various levels, it's obvious to them that the lack of Unity and Cooperation of State Employees in a common goal will always be the open door for unfairness in the workplace

  Unless you belong to an Association, DOC will always have the last word; it's up to you to make that change

  Reality is, there are as many excuses not to join AZCPOA as there are not changing the oil in your car, but the bottom line, whether it's your car or your job, either you take care of them, or you don't. We all know what happens when you simply "Trust" that nothing will happen, you end up walking down the road. 

  You'll find the printable AZCPOA Application link above, it'll open into a pdf file and you can download, print & sign. The next Link below is for the Dues Deductions that we turn into payroll. It's secure, no credit cards, no checks, no forgetting to pay dues when you need the representation, YOU'RE COVERED

  Once you completed the forms, contact us, and we'll either pick it up from you, or if you'd prefer, we'll mail you a stamped, self-addressed envelope to return it to us, and YOU'RE COVERED.

  You'd expect us to offer a comparison at this point between "Us" and "Them". 

  We're too busy to compare and tell you what anybody isn't doing, we'd rather tell you what we can do with your support and participation. 

  We're more focused on building a cooperation with all ADC Staff, the best way to resolve issues is bringing everyone together, with a united front.

  The fact is, we're just too busy Representing AZCPOA Members to worry about what "Them" is doing.

 When a member contacts us with an issue they need addressed, it may be happening to many more, but only one speaks, then it's viewed as only an isolated, maybe even disgruntled employee issue. BUT if we all speak together THROUGH the AZCPOA, it can't be ignored, and it doesn't go away, it must be solved.