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Brothers and Sisters, 

  2016 is moving along and unless you've been living under a rock, you're aware of the upcoming presidential election that has interested people around the globe. 

  As important as that is at the national and worldwide level, the AZCPOA Political Action Committee stays focused on what will effect our members most directly - Arizona state politics. As less than ideal as it is, our politicians are more responsive to those who donate money to their campaigns, hence the AZCPOA PAC

  As many members have graciously donated to the PAC over the years, we have many newer members that have not been introduced to the main way of making us stronger at the legislature. 

  As I'm sure you know, all pay raises, benefits increases or decreases and possible threats to our job security will come from the state legislature. The more legislators we have down there that support us, the better chance we have at being successful. 

 It's really easy to donate to the PAC via the same way you pay your dues to AZCPOA, so please consider signing up to help us become stronger. Even $1 from per check from the members not currently donating builds up the PAC in between each election cycle. Contact our office if you would like to chip in. 

  Thank you for your time and remember to be registered to vote before the general election. The deadline is October 10th. 


Robert Blackmer

AZCPOA Political Action Committee Chairman



1144 E. McDowell Road, Suite 401 Phoenix, AZ 85006, USA

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